About Us

Lucky Shoe Farm is owned and  managed by Katt Mills and Luke Dellmyer. Educated, professional and reliable.

Katt has managed both large and small facilities -- bringing over 15 years of barn management experience to Lucky Shoe Farm. A Bachelor of Science graduate of Centenary College, Katt has worked with several Olympic riders in achieving the ever-growing philosophy used in her teaching, training and riding programs. Assessing her rider’s goals, she develops a plan to enable them to attain those goals. With a background in teaching both the pleasure and the ambitious rider, she assists them in achieving both local and national championships.

Following his education in Business Management and Finance at East Stroudsburg University, Luke began his shoeing career 16 years ago. After a 5-year apprenticeship, he went out on his own. In the last 12 years, he has become the “go-to” guy for corrective shoeing among local veterinarians. Pleasure to performance, Luke’s ability to balance and fit shoes is what enables him to improve a horse’s way to cover ground.